Updating openbsd

updating openbsd-1updating openbsd-36

There are many components, most of which are interconnected in modern ways.

I'm not against progress, but I needed a bit of recycling.

However, the former option is terribly slow, and the latter doesn't lend itself well to keeping your copy of the tree up-to-date.

Instead we can use CVSup protocol to quickly check out and update the entire Ports tree from any of the public Open BSD CVSup servers, which are listed here: First you'll need the # Defaults that apply to all the collections *default release=cvs *default delete use-rel-suffix *default umask=001 *default host=*default base=/usr *default prefix=/usr *default tag=OPENBSD_4_8 *default compress Open BSD-ports #Open BSD-all #Open BSD-src #Open BSD-www #Open BSD-x11 #Open BSD-xenocara This is not merely a theoretical risk.

The compiled binary package can then be installed by running Like the rest of the Open BSD project, the Open BSD Ports tree is maintained in a public CVS repository.