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The colored bar below each label shows the overall health status, and colored squares within the label show the individual apps' comparative health status at a glance.; for example, Tier: Front-End.

New Relic treats the colon (required) and optional dashes as word breaks for changing case.

In addition, WRAP research found that in 2015, 270,000 tonnes of surplus food from manufacturing and retail could have been suitable for redistribution, whilst only 47,000 tonnes was actually redistributed.

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To generate an overweight label: Please make sure you select the total weight of your package so that a shipping label with the correct weight can be generated and sent to you.

Please note that the maximum weight our labels support is 10 pounds.

You can use labels to organize your images, record licensing information, annotate relationships between containers, volumes, and networks, or in any way that makes sense for your business or application. You can specify multiple labels for an object, but each key-value pair must be unique within an object.

If the same key is given multiple values, the most-recently-written value overwrites all previous values. Most Docker users use images created by other organizations, and the following guidelines help to prevent inadvertent duplication of labels across objects, especially if you plan to use labels as a mechanism for automation.

This can be influenced for example by the choice of date applied (‘Best Before’ rather than ‘Use By’), the length of time between purchase and the date expiring (so called ‘closed life’), any guidance on how long a product can be consumed once it has been opened (‘open life’) and optimal storage/freezing guidance.