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The Rockstar Games Social Club web site is a community portal for a variety of Rockstar's latest games.

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The first bag picks up, but any further sends player an "error processing transaction, too many requests from your game" screen, with no further pickup. Direct acct mod service tested and safe as well, but a few things still need to be tweaked to be fully operational on 1.40 Gunrunning, and so will not be available for a few more days.

Grand Theft Auto IV is played in a third-person perspective and the main character, Niko Bellic, is allowed to explore the massive open-world city.

Sometimes I would play the game for hours, save game and sync my stats but again the rock star social club website will not update the stats. I already emailed rockstar and they replied back saying they are looking into the problem but this was 2-3 weeks ago and haven't heard from them since.

I've been playing GTA V for a while now and after checking the Social Club site for the first time a few days ago I have noticed that it is not updating despite me putting in more hours and completing many more missions since. I also am having trouble connecting to BAWSAQ and Online mode. I can confirm that my connection is fine with the internet and I have Xbox Live on my Xbox One.

Is this just a synchronization bug by the Social CLub servers or are there special criteria on what counts as 'driven' for a vehicle? Do I need to actually save the car in one of my garages?