Updating simlock error 0x1

updating simlock error 0x1-15

further comprising a register, and wherein said wait for interrupt expansion circuit is responsive to the at least one wait for interrupt output to supply a selected portion of said register with a signal representing which of the security and context-related modes of a given one of said processors pertains to a wait for interrupt signal therefrom, said register coupled to at least one of said processors.

wherein said processors are operable to run applications and for a first processor to generate a wait for interrupt signal to said wait for interrupt expansion circuit for providing an interrupt signal to a selected one of the interrupt inputs of a second processor among said processors, and for the second processor to transfer at least one application from the first processor onto at least a third processor and then configure said power control circuit to put said first processor into a lower power state.

Eventough there is another log from earlier months or dates. The phone still hangs in the HTC Green logo restart to bootloader, run the command you said: This is the exit: Please your help, Ii you hope this info worth to find or solve.. (towards the bottom) Originally Posted by nkk71 you should increase the buffer size on your command prompt, the output, doesnt show the initial last_dmesg output which would show any emmc errors Question: do you have "active cmdline overflow (xxxx bytes)" showing in bootloader? CF (bootloader) G (bootloader) [239296] No RADIOVER. (bootloader) [240038] [FAT_ERROR] No M$-DOS partition found (bootloader) [240058] [FAT_ERROR] fat_open_file: load bpb fail(-22) (bootloader) [240090] No OPENDSPVER. (bootloader) [240666] [SYSINFO] SBL1: 1.0 (bootloader) [241067] [SYSINFO] SBL2: 1.0 (bootloader) [241553] [SYSINFO] SBL3: 1.0 (bootloader) [241960] [SYSINFO] TZ: 1.4 (bootloader) [241979] [SYSINFO] RPM: (bootloader) [242024] val0 222 val1 53 val2 192 val3 85[242047] pm8921_r (bootloader) ead_time: secs = 1438660062, h::m:s == 3::47::42, d/m/y = 4/ (bootloader) 7/115 (bootloader) [242067] Current time : 2015-8-4 UTC (bootloader) [259059] pm8921_vreg_disable function, vreg_id = 27 (bootloader) [259081] pm8921_vreg_disable function, vreg_id = 34 (bootloader) [259107] pm8921_vreg_disable function, vreg_id = 35 (bootloader) [259128] pm8921_vreg_disable function, vreg_id = 9 (bootloader) [259149] [ADC] read adc channel VBAT(1): (bootloader) [259169] pm8921_adc_calib_device start (bootloader) [276289] pm8921_adc_calib_device end (bootloader) [286372] [ADC] adc_code = 0x96F8, physical=4050 m V (bootloader) [286395] [BATT] setting_check_perflock_allowance: vol_curr=4 (bootloader) 050 m V vol_limit=3550 m V (bootloader) [286550] [THERMAL]tsens_init: Tsens init done (bootloader) [287574] msm_thermal: CPU0 temperature is 29 C (bootloader) [287596] [INFO][ACPU] get_pvs: ACPU PVS: Fast (bootloader) [287619] [INFO][ACPU] acpuclk_8064_init: Max ACPU freq: 1512 (bootloader) 000 KHz (bootloader) [287673] [DEBUG][ACPU] hfpll_init: Initializing HFPLL4 (bootloader) [287699] [WARNING][ACPU] hfpll_enable: This regulator hfpll_ (bootloader) l2 (40) is LVS type, APPS cannot control it.

(bootloader) [287804] [DEBUG][ACPU] hfpll_init: Initializing HFPLL0 (bootloader) [287856] [WARNING][ACPU] hfpll_enable: This regulator hfpll0 (bootloader) (40) is LVS type, APPS cannot control it.

We had copied the command line options from the published technet article, which turned out to be the problem.