Updating solaris 10 pipestem dating formula

Links to previously released information that provides reference information for the Session Initiation Protocol AP and library.

updating solaris 10-74

The examples in that section indicated that the # pkg install -nv group/feature/amp Packages to install: 8 Estimated space available: 112.19 GB Estimated space to be consumed: 452.42 MB Create boot environment: No Create backup boot environment: No Services to change: 2 Rebuild boot archive: No Changed packages: solaris database/mysql-51 None - The output shows that this command would install eight packages, and the output lists those eight packages in the “Changed packages” section.

Comparing this list of “Changed packages” with the list of packages from the package does not create a new boot environment by default.

A new boot environment is automatically created when you update particular system packages such as some drivers and other kernel components.

A new boot environment might be automatically created when you install, uninstall, or update.

command takes zero or more names of packages that are already installed.