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If those contents differ from the repository file at that path (which was downloaded as part of the checkout), the file will appear to have local modifications—the changes required to transform the versioned file you checked out into the unversioned file you had before checking out—when the checkout completes.$ mkdir project $ mkdir project/lib $ touch project/lib/file.c $ svn checkout file:///var/svn/repos/project/trunk project --force E project/lib A project/lib/subdir E project/lib/file.c A project/lib/anotherfile.c A project/include/header.h Checked out revision 21.

$ svn checkout file://`pwd`/repos-1.6/newproject/trunk newproject --force E newproject/include E newproject/include/newproject.h E newproject/lib E newproject/lib/helpers.c E newproject/lib/base.c E newproject/notes E newproject/notes/README Checked out revision 2.

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A growing number of BSD, Linux, and Open Solaris users are keeping document directories in version control with Subversion, in addition to its more traditional use for software developers.

While a one-click installer for Windows is available, part of the reason for the runaway success of Subversion in open source communities must surely be the easy access in BSD and Linux software archives.

Another is document management, where document and directory contents change regularly due to user activity, necessitating a means of undoing deletions and viewing older versions.