Updating virus signatures on ubcd

The m2f module makes pretty deep modifications to php BB's core, which makes it more difficult to update php BB regularly.

CPUstress has been updated to V2.3.5 (with thanks to Explorer09). as702 and Ice Cube), I think it was worth all the trouble.

Then V5.0 went through a couple of generations, but with the support of new developers (eg.

For the full details of this release, please refer to Version History.

The xfprot module within Parted Magic has also been updated to V2.4expl6 (again with thanks to Explorer09). Anyway, the mainline release is not available yet, but for those of you living on the cutting age, you can download the beta version of UBCD V5.0 using Bit Torrent and help us test it out. Besides the usual updates of existing apps and virus signatures, the main DOS boot disk has been changed to Free DOS (previously it was LZ-DOS) for greater compatibility.

CPUstress has been updated to V2.3.4 (with thanks to Explorer09). There was supposed to be V4.2, but that got scrapped.