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Here is the XML file created in the previous lesson. Add(new XElement("Book", new XAttribute("title", "AJAX"), new XElement("author", "Khemrin"), new XElement("year", "2000"))); xml Doc. You need to query the elements that meet your criteria. Here is an example code that removes the element that has "Java" title attribute. Load("d:/data.xml"); var elements To Delete = from ele in xml Doc. Delete Xml Data By Expression("~/App_Data/XML/persons.xml", "Persons/Person[Age='27']"); 2017-10-03 This website intents to provide free and high quality tutorials, examples, exercises and solutions, questions and answers of programming and scripting languages: C, C , C#, Java, VB. NET, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Java Script and other applications such as MS Excel, MS Access, and MS Word.

By using Linq query expression, you can easily read all elements of the xml file. = null select ele; foreach (var e in elements) The Linq expression to add a new element to the xml file is similary to reading from that file. Save("d:/data.xml"); Simetimes, you might want change or udate a element of xml file. Then assign new values to their attributes or sub-elements. However, we don't guarantee all things of the web are accurate.

Thanks in advance, Nate Hi indieboynate , XDocument doc = XDocument. Map Path("XMLFile16.xml")); var eles = from c in doc. MDF; Integrated Security=True; User Instance=True") 4 conn. Updating a gridview using I have a gridview called gv1 and I am trying to get the row_updating to work. Value 'gets the value of the datakey for the select row which is the credit_id which is set in html Dim use xml as database with Wikipedia talk: Auto Wiki Browser/Bugs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Only use this page to report bugs in the current version of the software. Web API supports the ability for you to return XML dom objects directly, for example you can return Xml Document/XDocument ...

pls, guide me how to create Gadget using application with some sample. This is the one thing I have left before I publish the ASP 3.5 version and the new mapping layer to production. I couldn't find anything on the internet about this, Thanks in advance!!! Insert datetime, using Hello there, I got a little code there are inserting a record into my ms SQL database.. The problem is in line 7 () where i want to insert Date Time. Janki Raval - Janki Raval Dont miss to mark this post as answer if it helped you I can write whole book on this ques but to make it simple as you are not much acquainted with xml, try this thing in dataset you have two prooperties one is writexml and another is getxml.

Re: Gadget using and c#Hi, I am new to Gadget Concept. it must show the name ' Gadget Application'. I tried creating a small dbml and selected C# as the language and it still created a VB designer.