Validating a measure of temperament

There is a growing evidence base that points to and supports the notion that adults also show signs of sensory processing difficulties.

In the United Kingdom early research and improved clinical outcomes for clients assessed as having sensory processing difficulties is indicating that the therapy may be an appropriate treatment.

validating a measure of temperament-49

The research aims at the way in which Rothbart's temperamental model, comprising emotional reactivity and selfregulation, overlaps with Eysenck's PEN model of personality.

We used the Romanian version of EATQ-R (Ellis, & Rothbart, 2001), Eysenck's (1981) EPQ-Junior, and a demographical data questionnaire.

While occupational therapists using a sensory integration frame of reference work on increasing a child's ability to adequately process sensory input, other OTs may focus on environmental accommodations that parents and school staff can use to enhance the child's function at home, school, and in the community.

These may include selecting soft, tag-free clothing, avoiding fluorescent lighting, and providing ear plugs for "emergency" use (such as for fire drills).

The senses provide information from various modalities—vision, audition, tactile, olfactory, taste, proprioception, and vestibular system—that humans need to function.