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The rules for designing any kind of survey are the same. Questionnaire items, on the other hand, are designed to help answer the global research questions.

It doesn't matter if it's a market research survey, public opinion poll, customer satisfaction survey, or employee survey. Defining the goals and objectives of a research project is one of the most important steps in the research process. Clearly stated goals keep a research project focused.

It is perhaps more important to ask questions that involve decision making criteria.

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There is no significant difference between the level of male and female satisfaction with the service.

There is no significant relationship between managerial level and support of the new budget.

There are basically two kinds of research questions: testable and non-testable.

Neither is better than the other, and both have a place in customer satisfaction and employee surveys.

It could be something as simple as a run away script or learning how to better use E-utilities, for more efficient work such that your work does not impact the ability of other researchers to also use our site.