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addresses the evaluation of infrastructure projects from the contractors point of view and, in doing so, elaborates a risk model that has two main objectives: 1. Hence, a multi factor decision methodology should be used to evaluate the various factors affecting the company’s analysis.

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The long and the short of it is that these two distinct types of uncertainty can be aggregated, but that this quickly blows up into a whole taxonomy of fuzzy objects and stats based on them, all of which can affect the otherwise simple calculations.

I don't even have room here to address the whole smorgasbord of fuzzy formulas for intersections and unions.

The gist is that yes, you can fuse fuzzy numbers, measures, etc.

together, even with probabilities – but it quickly becomes very complex, albeit still quite useful.

For example, there I can’t find a clear, general guide on which T-conorms and T-norms to use in particular situations.