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Also referred to as a Delivery Notice or Dispatch Advice. One of a number of standards for securing data during transmission by encrypting it. S are often referred to by their ANSI code such as 850 (PO), 810 (Invoice) and 856 (ASN).American National Standards Institute (ANSI): The national standards body for the United States. ANA: Article Number Association, an association of businesses set up to facilitate standardisation across the supply chain.ANSI, through its accredited standards committees, keeps the standards for all applications of technology and mechanics for U. ANSI ASC X12: American National Standards Institute, Accredited Standards Committee X12, which comprises government and industry members who create EDI standards for submission to ANSI for approval and dissemination.

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A member of that element’s substitution group must appear in the instance document.

Accredited Standards Committee X12: The group authorised by the American National Standards Institute to develop and maintain the EDI Standards used primarily in the United States.

Business Document: A set of information components that are interchanged as part of a business activity.

Business Process: A set of related activities that, when correctly performed, will satisfy an explicit business goal.

An attribute would hold a value to describe a characteristic such as pack height, length or width.