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But I'm thinking are the calls like 5 minutes long ? I'm currently looking for something that I could do in the evenings part time while I study.

As could be tedious if yr having 5 minute chat while they masturbated. I know it may not be ideal for some but everyone who has posted on here seems in to it, to a point.

I would go back to it without a problem but ds still doesnt sleep through the night and I think a baby crying in the back ground may be off putting to some men!!!!

You do get the odd person who can get quite nasty but most are ok.

lol Welcome to Live Lines UK Jobs , There really good i have been researching different companies and this seems like the best of all of them. I used to work for them and have reapplied but was rudely told they wouldnt employ people who used to work there Loved the work but had to quit when I was pregnant.

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