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TV Guide Magazine: They barely had time to be happy, though. Someday I do want to come back and much sooner than last time. Because of his schedule, we live half the time in New York.

Right now I'm really on fire creating my animated children's show, and my organic product line, and the line of clothes I've been developing for seven years. On behalf of myself and every other soap reporter, I'd like to say thanks.

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TV Guide Magazine: Are you saying Sonny and Brenda would have made it this time if only her true child, Alec, hadn't been found? She had a beautiful line where she said, "I finally have to put somebody else first before myself." And that's incredible, a sign that she has finally grown up.

She thinks it's the thing that's going to finally make her a good person.

[The actress is married star Carmine Giovinazzo.] It just works better that way. As for the writing, I hand over everything to the powers-that-be. TV Guide Magazine: Last year, you and I did an interview as you were getting ready to make your return, and you said you'd nixed the idea of coming back to the canvas with James Franco because he had nothing to do with Brenda.

So how come the first two months of your return story had Brenda stuck in Rome with all-new people — Adrienne Barbeau and that Brad Pitt wannabe and a bunch of the Balkan's hopelessly inept goons? The only thing I will say is this: When I came back I made it clear I wanted to work with my old gang — Maurice Benard [Sonny], Steve Burton [Jason], Kimberly Mc Cullough [Robin], Ingo Rademacher [Jax] — and I was disappointed that for the first few months I wasn't with them. I tried to do something with that situation in Rome, and create a Brenda that wasn't like the Brenda the audience remembered. TV Guide Magazine: I get what you're saying and see the dramatic potential, but I don't think that came across. Marcil Giovinazzo: Well, I tried to make an acting experiment out of it.

The writers gave me the love story with Maurice and that's all I really, really wanted — to have the opportunity to work with him again, and to give the fans some sort of resolution to that love story. I don't get involved in the business aspect of things but I thought we shot some really beautiful material, and there was a lot of it! TV Guide Magazine: Did Maurice try to talk you into staying?