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The main dorm of Hollins University was decorated and enhanced by the local nineteenth century carpenter and woodworker, Gustave A. "In Sedon's daybook, his journals, all these bits and pieces of decorations are noted.

Seadon (sic) was a very interesting character with a wry sense of humor, even though he had troubles spelling in English.

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Because of this limited scope, Hollins struggled to "professionalize" in the 1880s and beyond.

Its remote location far from the better respected and funded men's institutions put Hollins in contrast with the Seven Sisters in the Northeast.

One of the first writer-in-residence programs in America began at Hollins in 1959. In January, or J-Term, students follow their own independent course of study with a sponsoring professor, take off-campus internships, or study abroad with other Hollins students.

Hollins was home to the first graduate program focusing on the writing and study of children’s literature, established in 1993. The innovative 4-1-4 calendar, established in 1968, was one of the first in the nation.

Miss Cocke was not interested in waging any battles for women's education; indeed, she let her nephews, Joseph Turner and M.

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