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There’s enough of a critical mass in her chat room that Jeze Bell decides to offer a Gold Show, where anyone who’s interested can watch with a minimum buy-in of $3, a real bargain, she says.

With a Gold Show, Jeze Bell sets the terms, including how long it will last, what she will do on cam and for how much.

I don’t know any other job that would grant me that freedom, flexibility and money.” For Jeze Bell, who earns an average of $95 an hour and works 9 to 12 hours a week according to her rate analysis, webcamming is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

“I get to go to school, and they get their rocks off.” ity to provide personalized interactions and lucrative returns, has become the dominant force in adult entertainment, according to Stephen Yagielowicz, a senior editor at adult media outlet XBiz.

Although exact figures are difficult to tabulate with accuracy—adult companies keep their numbers notoriously close to the vest—it’s estimated that today’s webcam market is a multibillion dollar business that accounts for one third of all adult entertainment revenue globally.