Video dating disaster

However she later discovered her was a penniless student – leaving her to pick up the bills everywhere they went.“I went to Ibiza, fell in love, thought he was Prince Charming,” she told the Daily Star on Sunday.

If you’re perennially late, factor in extra time and remember that it’s always better to be early than late. Make it early in the week The later in the week you arrange your date, the more pressure there will be to make it a night of it.

Rather than dinner and drinks on a Friday, how about an after work coffee on a Monday?

"They didn't let me voice my opinion or speak up," she tells host Maci Bookout.

When Maci points out that Briana closed herself off after getting snubbed by Jacob, one of the teen mothers in the audience identifies with her jaded outlook.

Apart from the obvious safety aspects, it can loosen your tongue just a little bit too much.