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If you're using Skype with a friend, you already have the friend on your Skype Friend List.

If you're in voice chat with someone you've never played a game with before in League, and never play a 2nd game with, more likely that it's a stranger than a friend.

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We want this feed back so we can fix red flags before the skins go on sale.

We are extremely open to community opinion and I hope the skin update helps prove that. Many of us have lived and breathed games like Counterstrike for many years of our lives.

We're changing her because we do agree with the complaints she is getting, exposing skin to make the gun pop was, in the end, not the only way to make her read correctly.

And this is why we have PBE, it's not just for balance changes.

There have also been a few concerning studies about gender cues and voice chat in other popular, competitive online games.