Volatile situation dating

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Or you can possibly have a time limit, allows your partner to retreat from an outburst and then resume the argument with dignity.

There are more tips to deal with your emotional wife/girlfriend when she is upset, has mood swings, makes drama and acts irrationally.

You may have to practice it because mostly men aren’t used to actively listen without simultaneously figuring out a solution to a woman’s problem while she’s still talking about it.

When it seems like she is finished talking, tell her what you think she has just said to you using your own words which may seem superfluous but it will assure her that you really did listen to her and absorbed what she said. Men don’t understand that blowing a woman off when she’s upset makes the whole thing last longer and she’ll resent them for it and resentment builds up over time, which gradually diminishes the relationship.

• If she is throwing temper tantrum, going crazy, yelling and freaking out and you are unaware of the reason then the wisest thing to do is to wait till she’s calmed down and ignore the out of control behavior in the mean time.