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In other words, make guitars that evoke classic looks and vintage sounds yet sold at a price point where they are meant to be played and not simply collected.Eastwood currently produces around 20 guitar models, all very positively received by players and in reviews.

Like Gibson, Fender supplies a budget range of guitars called Squier, which are more suited to beginners.

UPDATE:— Fender guitars have a massive following among the Hong Kong Chinese, mainly because (so I’ve been told) the necks are more handable by small Chinese hands.

Aria makes the full range of electric and acoustic guitars, plus accessories, but concentrates on making lower-priced guitars like the electric bass (PHOTO).

A-List Aria players: Cliff Burton (bassist for Metallica), Steve Stevens (“Top Gun” soundtrack, Billy Idol and Michael Jackson albums), John Taylor (Duran Duran’s bassist), and Dave Roe (best known as Johnny Cash’s bassist).

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