Website updating dreamweaver

You can only change the areas of the page that are .

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When you create new pages, you can select the template you want from the Templates list in the New Document dialog.

Adding a description of your template in the dialog is optional, but if you expect to use many different templates in the same site, a description can be useful.

Things like the list of navigation links at the top of this template should note be editable regions, because then you’ll be able to update those areas on all of the pages created from the template when you’re done.

Each time you insert an editable region into your pge, you need to name it.

Choose the name of the site you’re working on from the Site list, then choose the name of the template from the Template list (a preview is displayed in the top right of the dialog.) After you get all of the options you want selected, choose Create to generate a new page from the template.