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This shortened tour can be easily accomplished in a day. Highway 20 can be easily reached by snowmobile on groomed trails except for the trip to Bishop Mountain. In these instances you are advised to check in person or call about road, trail and weather conditions at the U. Forest Service office near Pond's Lodge in Island Park before taking these tours. Be prepared for sudden thunderstorms accompanied by lightning, hail, and strong winds during the summer season.During the late fall and early spring months some of the historic sites in Island Park are not accessible by car or truck due to snowy or muddy road conditions. Falling trees under these conditions are not unusual.

These openings in the forest were likened to islands where travelers could stop and "park" to rest or otherwise transact their business.

The first humans to do this were members of various Native American tribes: the Blackfeet, the Bannock, the Crow, the Flatheads, and bands of the Shoshone Tribe, including the Sheepeater band.

Such enterprises included mining, cutting timber, road building, and fish harvesting.

Still other businesses were geared to accommodating sportsmen and travelers headed for Yellowstone National Park.

The most famous of these early visitors include Jim Bridger, George Rea, Kit Carson, Richard "Beaver Dick" Leigh and Richard W. Of these, Dick Rock and George Rea settled in the area to ranch, hunt, and serve as guides.