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Trolls may not have financial motives-more likely, they crave attention and are motivated by a desire to disrupt the larger conversation in a community.Trolls quickly realize that the best way to accomplish these goals are by nonobvious means.

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Ultimately, the answer to these woes was provided by a clever (but simple) system that was rich in reputation: it was designed to identify bad actors, indemnify honest contributors, and take the overwhelming load off of the customer care team. user-that's roughly a half-billion people worldwide); or answer questions that others have asked. Answers was modeled, in part, from similar question-and-answer sites like Korea's Knowledge Search. Answers pages frequently appear very near the top of search results pages on Google and Yahoo! Rather, its goal is to encourage participation from a wide variety of contributors.

Answers as “experiential knowledge” -the exchange of opinions and sharing of common experiences and advice.

Specifically, keep the following in mind: * Answers on Yahoo! It is the community that determines what responses are ultimately “right.” It should So, what problems, exactly, was Yahoo! Dealing with offensive and antagonistic user content had become the number one feature request from the Yahoo! It was intended to classify the worst of the worst content and put it into a prioritized queue for the attention of customer care agents. It was moderately successful at detecting obvious spam, but it failed altogether to identify the subtler, more insidious contributions of trolls. What's the difference between trolling behavior and plain old spam?

The distinction is subtle, but understanding it is critical when you're combating either one.

The members of the product team were the primary customers for the technology and advice of another team at Yahoo! The reputation platform was a tier of technology (detailed in Appendix_A ) that was the basis for many of the concepts and models we're discussing in this book (this book is largely documentation of that experience).