When did sandra lee start dating andrew cuomo

One source who claimed to have been told about the purported hookup said that, if true, “an affair with the wife of his sister’s paramour is particularly tacky — even for a Kennedy! had been asked to step in as a peacemaker when the Cuomo-and-Kennedy scandal erupted.” Mary told friends the alleged affair started after Colley’s polo-playing husband, Bruce, began his highly publicized 2003 fling with Kerry, sparking Kerry’s nasty split from now-Gov. Instead, Mary told friends, Bobby wound up “consoling” Ann, a longtime board member of RFK Jr.’s Riverkeeper environmental group.

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Friends said she was inconsolable after Bobby filed to divorce her in 2010, cutting her off financially and parading new girlfriends in public. He threw it back in her face, again and again.” Since Mary’s May 19 funeral, the Kennedys — including Kerry, who was a “best friend” and boarding-school roommate of Mary’s — have been very vocal about what they claim was her longtime battle with depression.

The purported Colley affair was one of several a devastated Mary claimed she endured for much of her marriage. “They want to make it look like she was crazy, that everyone tried to help but that Mary was hopeless,” said one furious friend.

“Mary tried to get Ann thrown off the board,” said a friend in whom Mary Kennedy confided.

But Ann — who directs the charity efforts of hedge-fund tycoon Louis Bacon’s Moore Capital Management — was a valuable asset.

“I’m sure Bobby is worried that all these stories are going to start coming out of the woodwork,” said another Mary confidant.

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