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As human beings, we’re instinctively drawn to people who remind us of ourselves, but what might account for such narcissism?

Science suggests the subconscious desire to be with someone physically similar to us is a combination of factors, including evolutionary forces such as attraction or desire, psychology, and individual mating strategies.“We are drawn to those we have the most in common with, and we tend to have the most successful long-term relationships with those we are most similar to,” Dr. ”Physical similarities are brought on by genetic similarities, and possibly hint at our desire to preserve our gene pool.

Wyatt Fisher, a licensed psychologist in Boulder, Colo., told . Physical similarities are a way of assessing underlying genetic similarities.

Pop culture has dabbled in doppelgänger dating through both TV and dating apps. This can lead us to be subconsciously attracted to someone who is a mirror image of ourselves, known as “assortative mating” or “self seeking like” hypothesis, where we subconsciously seek criteria of beauty or reproductive fitness in relation to ourselves.

We’re usually given clues when there’s trouble in paradise.

Waiting too long to tend to the trouble, of course, often brings on new problems.

” The problem: Loss of trust “It’s a biggie,” Saltz said, adding that a loss of trust isn’t always the result of a dramatic betrayal. Saltz gives the example of a husband sharing about a bad episode at work and his wife responding that he was the one at fault.