When to have your first kiss when dating

Even among Christians, the simple statement, “We’re waiting! I didn’t do it because Josh Harris, my parents, or my church said so.I didn’t even choose it for spiritual reasons at first: I simply wanted my first kiss to be special, and my wedding day seemed to fit that bill.Perhaps they have visions of those You Tube first-kiss couples who only make You Tube because they’re just once, you can pull off a decent kiss on a stage.

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Our relationship was a new beginning, and though we struggled at times, our first kiss was on our wedding day – and we’re really happy it was. But we believe that Grace necessitates a holy reaction, and saving our kiss was our way of trying to keep holiness at the center of our relationship.

But saving your kiss doesn’t save your soul, and we need to stop acting like it does.

But in the midst of a long struggle with lust, I found that reserving my kiss allowed me to check my desires and test the motives of men who asked me out.

If a man wasn’t interested in dating me after I said I wasn’t ready to kiss him, I knew he didn’t appreciate me for the right reasons.

I have met couples who made kissing a regular part of their relationship, but their wedding night was as awkward as all get out.

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