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British screenwriter Ol Parker met actress Thandie Newton while working on a BBC film and married in 1998.

R&B singer Robin Thicke began dating actress Paula Patton when he was 16 and they married in 2005.

They sob, bring you flowers or chocolates to make up for it, vow to never do it again. ’They say your life flashes before you just before you die. It was a combination of fear, now I knew what he could do to me, and a yearning for my baby to grow up with a father.

Ben kept telling me he ‘needed my help more than ever to change’, which was music to my ears. He promised things would be different now and I wanted so badly for us to be the happy family he’d said we’d be.

To be honest, I knew my ex was probably damaged within weeks of meeting him. It’s taken me decades to understand why I didn’t split up with him at this point.