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announced its April 28 release date, and simultaneously pissed off a bunch of the alt-right.

(I know, shocking.) Some of them, including former Buzz Feed writer and current Twitter abuser Tim Treadstone (aka @Baked Alaska), demanded a boycott of Netflix, calling the show “anti-white.” Funnily enough, when Treadstone posted the screengrab from his Netflix cancellation, he also revealed his personal email address.

Black established the white nationalist website Stormfront, which has grown to more than 300,000 users. White nationalism had bullied its way toward the very center of American politics, and yet, one of the people who knew the ideology best was no longer anywhere near that center.

(Matt Mc Clain/The Washington Post) Eight years later, that future they envisioned in Memphis was finally being realized in the presidential election of 2016. Hillary Clinton was making speeches about the rise of white hate and quoting David Duke, who had launched his own campaign for the U. Derek had just turned 27, and instead of leading the movement, he was trying to untangle himself not only from the national moment but also from a life he no longer understood.

They believed white nationalism was about to drive a political revolution.