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Our ad is fun, sexy, and speaks to the demographic, so of course we were prepared to spend $3 million dollars.

Super Bowl ads are always risque, and ours is actually quite tame in comparison with some other companies' ads."Yes, commercials featuring T&A abound during the Super Bowl.

In another interview Thompson tells celebrity website Radar Online: ‘I created this site so people don’t have to stress over their profile, but can focus on the fun and excitement of meeting and dating other incredible people of all shapes and sizes.’ To which Thompson adds, ‘Curvy girls like sex, too.’ She says: ‘I created this site for real women with real curves looking for real pleasure.’ and added ‘Unlike other dating sites where members feel pressured to fit a certain mould, posting older ‘flattering’ pictures or even lying on their dating profiles, everyone here has the freedom to be their true selves’.

The team at Dating for Girls wish Whitney every success with her new venture.

Whitney Thompson was the first plus-size model to take home the title on America's Next Top Model in cycle 10 of the show.