Who is afton smith dating

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The National Enquirer saw Afton 'Star' Burton, 26, and Manson disciple Craig Carlisle 'Gray Wolf' Hammond, 65, as they were enjoying an afternoon together at the Paso Robles Rock and Gem Show in late April.

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The Blast From The Past actor has three children with Afton, who he met at barbeque thrown by Winona Rider in 1993, and currently pays child support.

After setting the process of reducing the payments in motion, Brendan is expected to take to the stand to testify at Stamford Superior Court later this month.

He's one of Hollywood's most recognisable stars, with a number of forthcoming films in the pipeline.

But despite Brendan Fraser's attempt to revamp his career, he is currently in the process of trying to reduce his alimony and child support payments to ex-wife Afton Smith.

According to reports, the actor is also locked in another court battle with producer Todd Moyer, who is suing him for an alleged physical attack last year. I fail to understand why one single person deserves that much money from another simply due to them having conceived children together and being in a romantic relationship.