Who is andi petrillo dating

Also of consequence: three of the four conference final games are on weekdays. - Uni Más (Raúl Guzmán, Marcelo Balboa and Xavi Sol in Spanish; Ramses Sandoval, Keith Costigan and Alejandro Berry in English)- KMYU in Salt Lake City (David James and Brian Dunseth)- Spectrum Sports Net in Los Angeles (Joe Tutino and Cobi Jones)- TSN2 (will simulcast one of the above) Thursday, October 27: E4. The only one that isn't is the second leg of the Western Conference final.

- ESPN (Adrian Healey, Taylor Twellman and Katie Witham)- ESPN Deportes (Jorge Pérez-Navarro and Elmer Polanco)- TSN1/3 (Luke Wileman, Steven Caldwell and Vic Rauter; Andi Petrillo hosts studio segments at Olympic Stadium with Kristian Jack and Greg Sutton, starting at p.m.) - RDS (Claudine Douville, Jean Gounelle and Patrick Friolet; Olivier Brett hosts studio segments at Olympic Stadium with Patrick Leduc, starting at p.m.) Tuesday, November 22: W4.

- Fox Sports 1 and TSN1/3 (John Strong, Brad Friedel and Julie Stewart-Binks; Rob Stone hosts studio segments at Century Link Field with Alexi Lalas)- Fox Deportes (Jairo Moncada and Alvaro Izquierdo)- RDS2 (Goran Bratic and Andrew Olivieri) - ESPN and TSN2 (Adrian Healey, Taylor Twellman and Katie Witham; Witham hosts studio segments at Dick's Sporting Goods Park with Kasey Keller and Alejandro Moreno)- ESPN Deportes (Jorge Pérez-Navarro and Elmer Polanco)- RDS Info (Claudine Douville and Jean Gounelle; Olivier Brett hosts studio segments with Patrick Leduc) Wednesday, November 30: E3. After the game, FS1 airs a half-hour postgame show at p.m.

Sophia Petrillo: [speaking into a tape recorder] It all happened so fast. And that, dear grandchildren, is how my parents met.

He stuffed her in his calamari wagon and sped away. Rose Nylund: All right, but it's just gonna end up being me.

Blanche Devereaux: I cannot believe they lost all our luggage! [On an airplane flying to Rose's hometown of St. Blanche Devereaux: I remember when a woman had to impress a man's *parents*, not his *children*. Sophia Petrillo: Maybe it was all the 'honk if you had Blanche' bumper stickers. Rose: Do you think she's depressed about Rebecca? She's depressed because Marblehead Manor is only on once a week. [Dorothy and Sophia can only stare in silence at their eccentric companion] Mc Cracken: [Sophia and two of her elderly colleagues, are negotiating with their harsh boss, a restuarant manager - who is approximatly 15-years-old] ... Edna: NOT even the one we could tell your father about how his car got dented while you were doing wheelies and NOT while it was sitting in the parking lot? Sophia: [Meets Rebecca for the first time] You're Blanche's daughter, the model?