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Don't forget about sunglasses and a glittery headband.

Source: Instagram This retro Barbie costume might be my favorite one on the whole list - and it's so simple to put together.

A Barbie costume might seem cliche, and it certainly can be, but there are lots of different ideas out there that can make you stand out.

Barbie is throwing a big party, and we’re all invited… I’m just kidding – Barbie has invited us to celebrate with her as well. Anyway, let’s celebrate Barbie’s newest career with a big party.

I didn’t ask her why she did it, but I did ask her if I could throw a pie in her face later.

To really make the look work, create half of a Barbie box as a "headpiece." Source: Instagram A lot of couples like to dress up as Barbie and Ken, so it can quickly become a cliche and boring idea... These are "middle-aged" dolls because older people dressed up in them, but you can do this at any age! Source If you looked at the other Barbie and Ken costumes and thought, "Okay, that is way too much work for one day of costume-wearing," I get it - try this one instead.

You can wear any tight, simple dress with heels, and your BF can wear any button down with shorts and a belt, with a little scarf around his neck.

Source If all of this talk about Barbies is making you gag, then maybe you'll like this slightly more morbid idea - zombie Barbie.