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And, despite the recent turmoil in her own life, Dern says she hasn’t given up on relationships: “Love means a lot to me, and I love loving and I love boys.” But she is not with anyone at the moment. I’m really enjoying my life right now.” She says she no longer really believes in the fairytale of marriage.

“I don’t think kids expect the fairytale anymore, either.

“A lot is made of nothing, to be honest.” In her last years of high school she spent a lot of time working on films, but had to be emancipated to be able to do it.

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Everyone is walking through it.” She says her children have taken it in their stride: “My kids are doing great.

And in a way their living situation is not shockingly different – in that their father is a touring musician so they were used to the comings and goings a bit – not to say there aren’t a lot of other things.

Aged seven, she was an extra on a Martin Scorsese film that her mother was shooting, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, eating an ice-cream cone in a scene at a diner.

The scene was shot 19 times and afterwards Scorsese said to her mother: “If she can eat an ice-cream cone 19 times, she’s got to be an actress.” Knowing that the job can entail repeated knockbacks, her parents tried to discourage their daughter, but Dern was smitten.

“I used to regret not having a full college experience, but I don’t grieve it.