Who is caroline from xtra factor dating

Harry and Caroline Flack likely met in 2010, while Harry was a contestant on The X Factor, and Caroline was co-host of The Xtra Factor, though their public interaction did not begin until late 2011. In late November 2011, Harry denied reports of he and Caroline moving in together, telling Sugarscape "I did not know anything about this... A timeline of Harry and Caroline articles being printed in possible tandem with One Direction's release schedule can be viewed here. Styles also spoke out the year before, stating "With Caroline Flack, you can imagine, dads and sons, it’s like, ‘Fair play, son.’ But it was a bit ridiculous, 32 or whatever she was, and 17.

Flack tweeted about Harry for the first time in July 2011. I got a text from my mum [saying] "I didn’t know you were moving" and I was like "What? On November 18 2011, The Guardian published an article speculating whether 'Haroline' was in fact a publicity stunt.

But Matt has since denied the claims, stating that he sees Freddy as a ‘little brother’.

Xtra Factor host Flack, 32, and 17-year-old One Direction singer have caused controversy with their romance, and X Factor bosses were said to be concerned that their 'causing mischief' would lead to more comments.

Subsequently, she hosted CBBC show Escape from Scorpion Island together with Reggie Yates.