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A boat crossing was used to cross the Calder here as far back as the 1600s when records show the boat used to make the crossing sank killing ten people, a new one was paid for by the surrounding communities.

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The majority of Bottomboat we see today was built for hard working miners in the 19th century.

At one time nearly all of the men in this community worked at Newmarket Colliery, before this at the Bottomboat colliery or the older shallower workings.

Some of the streets had peculiar names that matched the special humour of the residents.

The Barracks, Casey Court , Holy Row named because all its occupants went to chapel on Sundays, Good Husband Street because the men folk were a wild hard drinking crowd.

Also in the lane was the toad hole, the area of Bottomboat, where in the spring thousands of little frogs would march up from the marsh area into the lane, giving local kids hours of fun playing with them.