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I had high hopes with Hyun-Jin and Jae Wook on cast, but I do not recommend watching this show. People seldom watch TV nowadays...smartphones, tablets and even computers are devices more popular among youngsters. This drama should be enjoyed by people who like to read love story novel. although the actress and the actor are good, but the story is not so good enough that makes me interested to watch it... please dont make him suffer more.deserve to be happy like the leads.. It has quick back and forth dialogue, really pretty scenes, and it keeps you engaged.Seo Hyun-Jin is so great in OHY, but not that great in this drama? The bridging between each scene are not too smooth, makes me confuse when watching it. So, I'm writing this comment because I saw somebody mentions about this drama. You can watch any programs at any time, anywhere... But there is something that made me keep hook at it. Don't you realise all love conflicts in dramas are common? please dont make him bad person.him remain as supportive kindhearted person.please give him love I am totally rooting for the young chef , despite age gap, they look so good together. yeah for me this drama is sweet, so far, i like it, seo hyun jin is definitely one of the best Rom Com Drama queen, and she is really good in term of build up/create chemistry with her co star, really like her, This drama really so sweet. If you find it boring, then it's not your cup of tea. Every individual has his/her own taste and preference.

Overall, I enjoy this drama and love that they work together again after their Romantic doctor Kim. I even love his acting more after i watch this drama Let's agree to disagree then...should I feel butthurt when most K-netizens agree with me on his acting skills.

Yang Se Jong's acting has been constantly praised by them.

He only debuted in 2016 (only acted in 3 dramas before this one) and alreadly landed a lead role.

Plus, he also received many movies/drama scripts that he didn't review yet because he's too busy.

“Chakhan Seupeu” is actually Jung-Sun (Yang Se-Jong). However, after I started watching this drama , I cannot stop watching. If Jung Sun’s mother asked for money then she’s the one who should take full responsibility. Unlike temperature of love, if the ending of the episode on that day was sad, I some kind of feeling it too. Chefnim don't give up, fight for your love and 'Good Soup'. It's like his silent tell it and yas their chemistry tho.....