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His first significant role was as Malcolm ' Mal' Reynolds in 2005 Serenity.

He has voiced in Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Justice League.

If you have watched these series, then you must be well known about Felicia Day.

She played in the series like Bluffy the Vampire Slayer, Eureka and movies like Bring It On Again and Dr. Felicia, an American actress, web series creator, singer, and writer has now announced her pregnancy news.

It looks as if he's waiting for someone to go on holiday. it makes sense their chemistry is amazing since the beginning they look so happy together and well every time you watch the show saying it again their chemistry is amazing so yay it would be great if they were. As a matter of fact Stana Katic posted it on twitter, to some fan that had asked her. No i guess not,cause it would somehow come out if they were!