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"Civility costs nothing" replied the snake sharply, quite offended by Patrick's rebuff.

"It's not much of a box anyway when all's said and done." "It's big enough to hold you, you old bag of bones", said Patrick taunting his slithery opponent.

The story is ancient and was told around Sligo firesides up to the middle of the last century.

A nice one to tell to your children: Civility costs nothing! Patrick by the power of God drove all the snakes out of Ireland. He could neither lead, drive nor coax him and, mind you, he was in quite a pucker about it!

If it's not possible, I understand, but you don't know unless your ask, right? Best Wishes, Regina Michaels February 1st 2012 Imbolc has been celebrated since ancient times, it's a Cross Quarter Day, midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, this year it falls on the February 4th.