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And when conventional realpolitik fails her, she'll play the dragon card (another honorific: "Mother of Dragons," a nonmetaphorical title) and materialize from a wall of flames, naked and purified, as her people swoon in wonder and her cold-blooded offspring swoop menacingly in the sky. "I was sort of bowled over by this absolutely stunning, petite girl with this wicked sense of humor.We became very fast friends quite quickly." Although a showdown between their characters is inevitable ("I think it will be a huge pleasure," he says), to date they've never shared the character, Ygritte, was killed off in season four), who has become one of Clarke's best friends. "With two or three of us in the same show, you can attract a bit more attention than you might like." No such problem at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Clarke's meeting choice—it's on her New York to-do list.

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Take, for example, the close to season three, when Daenerys is carried aloft by a multitude of slaves she has just liberated; Clarke's face, in extreme close-up, ecstatic—a rock 'n' roll goddess at a medieval rave.

But it's the lover who has generated the controversy.

She was, after all, Linda Hamilton's successor in the Sarah Connor role, playing opposite Ah-nold in the 2015 .

And even though we don't know what character she'll play in the Han Solo movie, it's impossible to imagine that there won't be a frisson of recognition, an echo of the young Carrie Fisher from those first is the adjective that her friends and colleagues invariably use to describe her.

The former co-stars posed for the adorable snap which Emilia posted on Instagram on Sunday, joking that her giddy nature was down to one too many gins. are you treating me different because I've got a pair of tits? She recently hit headlines after stripping off for a fiery nude scene in Game Of Thrones.