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Certain actors benefit from Allen’s hands-off approach, but Stone might not be one of them.She looks lost and flailing most of the time, forced to carry way too much of the narrative and the film’s attempts at charm.

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Emma Stone has said that her role model as an actress is Diane Keaton, which makes total sense: Now that you’re thinking about it, it’s hard not to connect them, right?

Like Keaton, Stone is instantly likable, dazzlingly funny — you can even make an argument that she’s a comedian first and a movie star second — and relatable while never losing that star wattage.

But that joke, like many in , isn’t particularly good, and it also doesn’t help that Stone plays Allison with a little too much earnest adorableness, never establishing much of a rapport with Bradley Cooper’s spiritually adrift military contractor.

(That’s a problem, considering they’re supposed to fall in love.) Stone has since apologized for her part in the whitewashed casting, satirizing herself during a 2015 only comes to life when Stone is onscreen as a teenage girl who befriends this sad-sack after losing her twin sister. One is a cruel but admirably strange joke on homeschooling starring Watts and Liev Schreiber, and the other is a gonzo scene in which Stone and Kieran Culkin exchange supercharged sexual banter in a grocery store over the intercom.

But despite the timeless nature of her appeal in most roles — you get the sense that she could have been a star in any era — she doesn’t quite convince as a noir-ish love interest.

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