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So, he knows the great outdoors, and feels he has a duty to manage his slice of olde England.

He points to the reeds that have been planted to encourage wildlife, sings the praises of his water vole and trout, and practically falls out of his seat when we spot a kingfisher.

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'Well, during the day, but I haven’t spent a night here yet. But I can come in here without having to go back to the main house. Which I sometimes do – I used to do it in a tent.’ In his garden? I bought somewhere that had outbuildings so I could build a studio.

Gardens and the ability to build a studio came before anything else.

We’ll go to the village pub for lunch and do the interview.

No, he says, we’ll have a pint, calm down, go to Marks & Spencer, buy some ready-meals.

No, we’ll do that then we’ll go get a carry-out from the garage (the only off-licence in the village).