Who is jerry bruckheimer dating

In television, where he was a latecomer, he needed less than a decade to become arguably the most successful producer in the history of the medium. He hasn’t put himself on camera, as his one-time partner, the late Don Simpson, did.

“I think there’s more in Jerry’s imagination than he may let on to the public,” says Nicolas Cage, who owes his action-adventure career largely to Bruckheimer. He makes it happen; he makes what he sees in his imagination real.

“My guess would be, he doesn’t waste time talking about things, he does things.

Neither side of the Bruckheimer paradox is an accident.

He’s famous in part because he deliberately set out to build a Jerry Bruckheimer brand.

His goal is to have the audience know that when they see his name, that “they’ll have some quality entertainment,” he explains.