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Somewhat fortunately, a solitary zombie somehow managed to survive, and was soon bound and gagged as the group completed their mission objective.However they were soon being pursued by the Night King and his army, and Jon opted to send Gendry back to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, with the unlikely plan of having a bird fly a distress message all the way to Dragonstone so they could be rescued by Daenerys.

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Of course the Night King himself may end up ultimately paying for his cockiness, as the show-off passed up the chance to spear the mightiest of the dragons as it stood helpless on the ice, instead opting to showcase his superior athleticism by spearing his brother as he flew high in the sky.

The dragon queen looked devastated as she looked back to see Jon Snow seemingly get dragged to his doom by some marauding zombies.

And as if that was not bad enough, Daenerys, played by Emilia Clarke, was forced to literally take flight and leave Jon for dead after he was tackled by zombies and fell into the water.

The selfless warrior, who had bravely followed Tyrion Lannister's buffoonish plan to capture one of the army of the dead to the letter, shouted: 'Go, go! 'And not a moment too soon the self-styled Breaker of Chains took off, with one of the deadly ice spears whizzing perilously close to Drogon's wings.

For Brotherhood Without Banners member Thoros Of Myr, played by Dennis Pennis star Paul Kaye, froze to death as Jon's stranded gang waited on an island while surrounded by the enemy.