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This was important for my daughter and it was important for me.

That Halloween, my daughter was costumed not as a female version of a male hero, not as a female pretending to be male, but as Thor herself.

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Amidst all of the obvious talent that Melissa Etheridge possesses, one of the keys to her success has always been about writing powerfully emotional songs that appeal to anybody. Yes, her relationship with longtime partner Julie Cypher was high profile and among the nation's most visible gay couplings.

But Etheridge's music is universally feminine, regardless of sexual orientation, and her songcraft has enough honesty and subtlety to appeal to men and women, gay and straight.

She wasn't dressed as Donald Blake/Thor but as Jane Foster/Thor.

That was empowering, an optimistic sign of where we were headed, of the better world that my daughter was bound to inherit.

He's currently at work on a first novel and a non-fiction piece on cultural theory.