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Secretaries are part of the Executive Branch but they are also the representative of the President in deciding what goes into any bill. When H-1B is filed, a location specific LCA is sent along with the application/ petition. 3) Yes it is a violation if an LCA is not pulled out for the new location.

Say 2007 CIR, the basic frame work was prepared by DHS and Commerce secrerary in line with the wishes of the WH, then detailed language was prepared by the lawmakers, which was reviewed by the two secretaries (and their offcie) again. 2) On subsequent change of location, a location specific LCA is taken out and kept for office records (after displaying on the office notice boards) and copy is given to you. But that is the problem of the employer not yours and it is highly unlikely the individual will be penalized even if USCIS were to find out the violation after making a site visit.

She just wrote a letter explaining the error, attached two copies of my wife's photos, and included a copy of proof of identity. I has been about three weeks since the lawyer sent out the letter.. Will post when we get the EAD card, so other's in the same boat can estimate how long it takes to get EAD cards corrected. ASAPMy wife is on H1-B valid till May-2010 and she got EAD for 2 years as well.

no replacement EAD card yet, but got a couple of LUDs in the past few days.. She is planning to take up permanent job at the client place she is currently working as a consultant.

Of that initial brush with fame, he added, "It's a strange environment, being hounded. "There are so many ways to make a living that don't involve hiding in bushes outside the houses of 18-year-old girls." Jamie is now married to Amelia Warner Hot off the set of , alongside Gillian Anderson.

The actress, who plays tough Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson, has said she is "over the moon" to be back working on the tense thriller, which sees her on the trail of serial killer Paul Spector (Jamie).

The second series of the six hour-long episodes picks up where the first series left off, as Stella continues to track Spector, who has left destruction in his wake following his killing spree.