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Next week you’ll be able to catch Lee Majors on not one but two shows! The main thing was to be on time, know your lines, hit your mark and keep your mouth shut. He did tell me that he was working on it and of course he passed away after Thanksgiving. It’s being in the right place at the right time and a little bit of luck. I was fortunate to go from series to series and ended up doing seven or eight series.

Everybody could sit and watch it and I think it was good clean fun.

FOX411: You know there is a whole generation of people who practiced running in slo-mo a la Steve Austin?

They first met and fell in love on seventies television as two characters rebuilt using bionic technology.

And on Wednesday Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner and The Six Million Dollar Man Lee Majors reunited on the set of a movie filming on the west coast of Canada.

Majors: A lot of them remember trying to jump off a barn somewhere and breaking something. Majors: If I walk into a restaurant I can hear the waiters making that sound. I just look and grin and say, ‘Thank you.’ FOX411: Have any of the action dolls? Even though I was supposed to be getting a percentage of merchandising from that show which I probably never saw a penny from. Majors: Not only that a lot of the stuff I never knew was out there.