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They married in 1948 when she was only 13 years old and had their first child by the time she was 14. Mooney was always a supporter of Loretta’s career and bought her a guitar and a songwriting magazine to help get her career moving.

But at the time of this article, they are working at their marriage and staying together, even appearing together on a “sweethearts” edition of a game show.

The long marriage between Loretta Lynn and the late Mooney Lynn started at a very early age.

After dating five years, he broke off the wedding just two weeks before the date.

“It was me being foolish and crazy and not realizing that I was fixin’ to lose the best thing I ever had,” he says.

They had many hits together such as “We’re Gonna Hold On” and “Two Story House.” They married on February 16, 1969; however, they did not hold on and ended their marriage after six years.