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A high school diver fights his fear of heights and diving to get onto the team.

He gets onto the team, only to find that he must dive the high platform in order to compete. See full summary ยป This psychological thriller, based on a true story, is about a seemingly upstanding, caring husband and father (Ritter) who is accused of foul play by his ex-wife regarding the mysterious ...

A largely lawless, unexplored territory with a vibrant cast of criminals, the wild West carried unease in every breeze; capturing that aesthetic through the grainy view of late nineteenth-, early twentieth-century photos lends a whole new layer of creepiness to it.

Perhaps the creepiest photos from the old West are the ones that are hard to explain -- the scary old photos made scarier by their total lack of context.

With the Judging characteristic, INFJs are naturally the ones who "steer the ship".