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PHOTOS: Celebs who date athletes Though she may have been reluctant to discuss Sanchez, 25, Upton couldn't hide her attraction to the hunky NFL star when De Generes shared his photo with her audience. "They started hanging out about seven months ago," an Upton source tells Us Weekly.

Whatever issues Sanchez was dealing with that held him out of Thursday's practice look to be behind him. Sanchez is reportedly dealing with the flue, so the team decided it was best he stayed home for the day.

The veteran back up quarterback remains third on the Bears' depth chart.

I wonder how he’d take it if Mark Sanchez called him out for taking part in his sloppy seconds?

Deadspin ran a fantastic article about Sanchez that had nothing to do with his ability to read defenses.

When he was named the nation’s best and top quarter back of high school Sanchez was being regraded upon his arrival at USC.