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:) It's 2017 and still can't get over of this drama! Also all of actors/actresses portrayed the characters very well. It was fun to watch, but compared to many shows I've watched this is one of the less interesting ones. I experienced new things I've never done with the past dramas I've watched! After a decade of watching Kdramas this is now my new all time favorite, with a higher level!! I can compile it with my Les Mis collection because I never get tired of watching it.. I noticed that winter clothing is the same with the 80's, 90's & the present... It's not the usual typical drama, the writer might left hanging there, cause it's somewhat that's the reality..... Other than that, I was really interested in the story about journalism ethics and censorship when contrasted with how far Korea has come with freedom of the press in the last 50 years or so. Since this was called the 2nd generation of Sand Glass, there should be the 3rd generation. before I entered kdrama fandom i enjoyed healer but now i like it less and less due to the obnoxious attitude of its fans who diss anyone wwho doesn't hink that this drama is perfect please healer fans be nicer and don't ruin other people's fond memories of the show Hahaha, I dont know why there are loosers and haters here who comments they dont like it... All the actors were able to play their roles very well. This drama is definitely a must watch and JCW and PMY are just Sorry but I can't get myself to go further than episode 3. The so called action and gadget used was so unrealistic. This is an Action, Melodrama, Romance, Comedy, all packed in One.. Aside from JCW and PMY good chemistry ( they seem to be very much in love in this drama, very sincere), the actor who played Kim Moon Ho did a great job, good acting very masculine. It's almost a year that I've been obsessed and in loved with Kim Soo Hyun since those days of My Love from Stars I thought no one can replace him in my heart but after watching "Healer" wow I was sooo amazed and my heart totally changed to Ji Chang Wook (though I still love KSH and still following him) but JCW is on top and my No. The storyline is hilarious, a complete package that has great action, comedy, and the sweetest romance. very enjoy watch this drama, there's no skip at all when I watch it, it's very awesome, not boring watch this drama, Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ittt so muchhhhhhhhh...thank you for create "Healer" as a drama, and now it's being my favorite, love love loveeeee..for JCW&PMY YOU ARE THE BEST COUPLE for me!!!! I enjoyed the twist and turns of the story, I became more and more curious every episode that I spent my whole day just watching it. So action packed and the romance was really great . You guys know that you have more international fans now. And tbh before this I never knew who Ji Chang Wook was (haven't seen his rm ep yet!! And talking about dramas, this is a kdrama that makes me experience difficulties to move on. No offense, those other two dramas are good too (and I love Jang Hyuk so much). Thanks to the script writer Song Ji Na and the director Lee Sung Jub. her acting is really good Healer is the best korean drama ever. The usual problems of most serial dramas are, it's getting boring sometime in the middle (less or much), loosing focus, too slow, too cliche, or too many excuses - I didn't find such things in Healer. The main characters have build very good chemistry between them (JCW, PMY, YJT, you did it! The secondline characters are well developed too, so we can find the importance of their existence in the story. Healer has it all to be the best serial drama on TV. I've watched it many times and still feel excited.. JI chang wook the best....mv.......ever songs...nothing can compare!!!!! healer fans international says its amazing drama..script,ost,actor,storyline.wow perfect.

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I loved Jung-Hoo's relationship with Ahjumma a lot they were just a great team! And if you are still wondering if you should watch it, yes I would definitely recommend you so. There's a lot of similarities in the main casts between Faith and Healer too. Now i dont think i can find another drama that can replace Healer from my head. I cannot find the right words to express my joy for this drama. MLTS’s eternal love is keeping sounding in my ears. I still can't get over with it & I don't know how much long it will take. A good drama although not the best.very good things about this drama are the acting of almost all the casts is good, Park min young done a fabulous job with all emotions nicely potrayed,story ending is not very complete and lots of things been left out..

Im at episode 4 right now and feels like i dont want to watch ianymore bec for me this drama seems like boring. and guys can u please recommend a korean drama for me cause im running out of list. However, I was hoping to see a wedding at least, whereby Gyung-Sim (mother), Moon-Ho (uncle), Myung-Hee (mother in law) and Chae Chi-Soo (father in law) will be seen with ex-convicts (buddies who saw Young-Shin grew up), Someday's reporters, Dong-Won (detective) and Min-Ja (ex-detective) and all the Healer's team in one place. It makes me laugh when I imagine the Someday''s team open their papers to find the murderer who died is Park Bong-Soo, the scaredy cat...the face...funny. As many of fans for this drama, surely i hope another seasson, even the possibility almost none. I know the big problem is always about the ratings, that's why i felt betrayed by it, but perhaps it will be different for sesson two because the critical respons for this first sesson, all the world seems gave more respect for this drama than the korean citizen itself. Thanks a lot for all Healer's team for make this amazing drama, keep fighting! This series is so catchy I love so much this K-drama. Why 20 series ended like this that make that stupid grandpa and brother of kim Moon-ho Please answer and make healer 2 Healer!! i watched the first episode when it was first came out . It made you shivering watching every scenes that has this song as background. this was my second Ji chang wook drama after vegetable store and I have to say his acting has marginally improved.that I feel from both the dramas his emotional acting especially the crying part is really weak..other than it he has charshma for the role wow great drama indeed..all the cast specially to ji chang wook and park min young couple,though this is my first time to watch ji chang wook drama but he caught me here in this drama..job to the writer and director...

The team's plot to bring down the elder was not original . To KILL time i went back to watch Healer since all the episodes were out by then. Healer is drama i want to watch again and its too perfect drama for job ji chang wook and park min young....i hope both of you can be a real couple...Just when I was going to leave K-dramas, I happened to watch Healer, and... My heart is filled with emotions and memory's from this outstanding drama.

This is where the writer lacks-clever writing to bring a climax. Now lemme tell you this (readers), this drama is absolutely one of the best. I admit, at first, I thought the commentators were exaggerated to tell us how good this drama is but, after watching 6 episodes, there were countless times that I was stunned by several shocking scenes. Ladies and Gentleman I cannot even tell how long it took me to watch this drama. A very special thanks to writer Son Jin ah, and everyone who worked so hard to make this wonderful drama.

What I am most disappointed at, is they let the viewers imagine what will happen to the villains (as quoted by @Joyce below). For instance, we know that the Elder was taken, but didn't exactly elaborate how or show a strong scene that make it justify for all the wrongs he's done. Or at least an epilogue :( @kaya make some research first, the actress with lee min ho in the City Hunter that you were talking about which you just called pathetic is none other than Park Min Young unnie~, reading your comment was just so akward to the point I even laughed sorry but be sure to be careful next time and let us keep on supporting park min young unnie ♡♡♡. Much, much better than City Hunter an the chemistry between Park Min-Young and Ji Chang Wook is awesome. I'm not fond of commenting, giving feedback or recommending such Kdramas until I watched Healer. For the ending, the writer seem to wanted to show everything and sometimes I didn't have enough time to absorb the sentiment of the scenes(Not sure if that made sense). Its definitely a drama thats wortk re-watching over and over again.... I love this drama so much and my most favorite now after the The Moon that Embraces the Sun".... It has social relevence anda great moral story:no matter how darkk your world is, you must really fight that darkness in order to always see that bright sunlight.... I now understand why the comments here say that this drama is perfect. actually i dont like PMY, but i have to admit, she acts very well and this is my first time to watch JCW's drama. and worthy favored by many people because it is a great drama I highly recommend this daebak drama.. I would have preferred a different actress, I mean she already played a somewhat similar role in a similar drama City Hunter. When i read the synopsis, I didn't feel like watching, but I gave it a try and daannnggg. I definitely ship PMY&JCW) Couldn't stop fangirling and replayed the romantic/cute parts, If you know what i mean;) There were so many funny scenes, especially with the father, ex-convict, and ajumma. I felt like it was a bit rushed, what happened to the "elder"? I thought I was only one thinking the rating in Korea is insane. I've seen so many Korean dramas, and I can honestly say that what Jeong Hoo and Yeong Shin have together is the best, most ideal romantic relationship possible out there.